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Anyone with experience using Low Dose Naltrexone?

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Yes. I have used low dosage Naltroxene to control chronic pain for my DDD, fibromyalgia pain, my Pain mgmt Dr. Thought it would benefit my pain in my early stages of getting off opiate pain medication for short term use in Suboxene strips & now they come in generic form of tablet's they are all taken in sublingual form under tongue to slowly melt in your mouth. In my 1st month of taking it I had alot of energy but after that I got used to it & it did help w/pain alot more than if I had just got off opiate pain meds. I'm allergic to different types of meds & I had severe migraines/nausea/& just a bad feeling from Gabapentin & pregablin/Lyrica, type of medications do not mix well with my body & for ppl like me can not tolerate this type of medications, some Dr's believe this to help w/patient's who are taken off pain meds & can not take anything else but LDN. I was on it for a total of 3yrs just to keep the pain levels lower & not have horrible side effects from stopping in 1day notice no more pain medications. If I had to do it again I would still do it his way. It helped & it work's. Now I'm off it & now I have my new Pain meds called medical cannabis in a form of capsules & liquid that I take daily very small doses & they work. I will say yes pain meds/opiate pain meds work the best but they have some seriously bad side effects. I used to take them for over 10yrs. Would I go back on them only if I have surgical procedure for short term pain relief.
As for the question this is my answer yes it helps but it is not a long term fix.
I hope some of this Info helps you.

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@msstoppainnagginme, Thank you for adding to your story about pain. It sounds like you are managing it well with medical cannabis. Can you share the CBD:THC ratios and the your daily schedule for medicating so that others may benefit from your experience. Thank you and may you have a day without suffering. Chris