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Sick daughter goes undiagnosed

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Sorry to hear undiagnosed, I know it's frustrating. I have graves diease it's in remission for the time being but I do have other mystery illnesses that I'm working on because it doesn't seem the medical doctors understand. Test you may want to look at DNA sometimes can give a clue, genvoa nateval test, 24 hour cortisol salvia test most insurance will cover these test the problem is getting a doctor to order them. My mystery illness has something to do with oxalates once I changed to a lowering oxalate diet I went in remission with my graves plus even thou I've been on a lowering oxalate diet for two years my genvoa test says I'm still high oxalate so I do have gentic that show this also. Then my DNA says mthfr gene mutation my genvoa nateval test shows my vitamin Bs glutathione alpha lipoic acid are all low or deficient I'm working on these issues it not that easy because I have reactions to some of the supplements, the coritsol test can tell alot what's going on stressing the body and adrenal. What was her thyroid test numbers hopefully they tested tsh ft4ft3 t3 t4 rt3 trab tsi tpo selenium iodine levels iron/ ferritin. I'm still looking for a doctor that can help me my functional doctor just handed me my test and told me she doesn't treat issues like mine.

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@80rosy, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You may wish to connect with others living with Graves disease in the Endocrine System group here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/diabetes-and-endocrine-problems/

In particular, you might be interested in this older discussion:
– Thyroid disease's impact on other conditions https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/subclinical-hypothyroidism/

Are your other illnesses endocrine related?

I don't have her numbers right now, but I know her thyroid is slightly overactive. The theory is that since she produces such little progesterone, it is throwing her entire system way off. Right now the doctor she is seeing is putting her on a hormone therapy, which she will start next week. I don't know if his theory is correct or not. Either way she needs the progesterone. So we will see.

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