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Status Epilepticus

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Yes it’s very serious. My parents were called to the hospital numerous times to bid me farewell but being stubborn as I am I lived. I have been in induced comas for probably 3 years (cumulatively.) The longer seizures go on without stopping the less likely they will stop on there own which is why they put you in a coma, to stop the seizures. Besides Convulsive Status which people with Tonic Clonic seizures have there is Non Convulsive Status Epilepticus that sometimes happen in those with Absence and Focal seizures and emergency treatment isn’t as urgent. An acquaintance of mine went into Status and died in less than an hour which is a very long time to seize. Seizures use immense amounts of energy.

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Thanks for sharing some personal experiences, @jakedduck1. I am sorry to hear of your many seizures.

Are you on a pretty good medication routine now to keep it under control?

@jakedduck1 – I noted that the article @hopeful33250 mentioned talked about what might trigger status epilepticus. Did you note any factors prompted status epilepticus in you when you had this occur many years ago?

My son was 22 before he ever had any seizures at all …..and out of the blue started having episodes of back-to-back seizures sometimes 6 at a time 10 minutes long without any completely awake time in between.
it doesn't stop until we get him medicine, If he takes it hes fine but if he misses much is maybe 5 doses he goes into a fit of these serious severe grand mall seizures, every single time. Every single blood vessel in his face Every single blood vessel in his face and chest pops, He has high amounts of acid in his blood from being released from his muscles hes almost literally bit his tongue off twice hes a big boy he was a football player.
All of his test results of came back normal so I started doing research on my own – I thought that this is what he had ……but the doctor says it's something to do with his brain being over stimulated. Still no answers and him just worried…. I hope your doing well just that share