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Can Joy and Grief Live Together?

Loss & Grief | Last Active: Nov 30, 2019 | Replies (22)

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Not yet. I lost my husband only last week. I know I have to move on. Am trying very hard.


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Hi @karama I believe a week is nothing in the world of grief! Give yourself as much time as you need. I found there is no timetable nor common steps in grief. Each journey is as unique as our love for our lost loved one. I hope this makes sense.

We always said that we will never get over the loss of our son but we will get through it. I am thinking of you and praying for you. I remember that first week all too well. It was so painful and I was in such a fog.

@karama Please accept my sympathies on the loss of your husband. I agree with @IndianaScott that one week is way too soon to think about moving on. Your grief is too new at this point.

If you are comfortable doing so, please share with us a little bit about your husband. Let us all get to know him. As you share yourself with others it will help ease the feeling of aloneness.

Condolences. Grieve at your own pace, one day at time. It okay to ask for help from friends/ family or professional help. Take your time.

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