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Hi cindee60
I was diagnosed with Large B cell lymphoma.

The support that worked for me, may not be right for everyone.

What helped me was insuring that I stayed involved in day to day routines. This was especially important on down days coming out of treatments.
We have always been an active couple so keeping up with exercise became a great way to support me. There were many days where laying in bed would have been good enough for me but thankfully, that was not allowed too often. So those little pushes from time to time were good.
Insuring my dietary needs were met offered a lot of support, as eating was difficult at times.

Immediate Family engagement was also very important to me, thankfully our family was fully engaged in helping me get better as well. (Though for the most part from a distance as out children all are from away- I have a new appreciation for the telephone and face time)

And, very important was having someone close by to hold tight when it was really needed. I think this helped both of us.
Oh yes, coming along to all the appointments and insuring we “heard correctly” was most helpful.

There are a lot of things that can offer physical, emotional and physical support, i hope some of these will work for you folks.
There is probably no wrong way to support as long as it is viewed in the same way by all parties. (That is a bit of a mechanical statement however!)

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Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. I can tell from reading your message you are a very kind man.

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