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I believe that doctor's did not always know the full effects of a medicine many years ago. Side effects can be added as people experience them, thus adding to the knowledge of what the drug can do. Problems that show up with getting off of a drug can then lead to the dilema of either getting off with lots of problems or leaving things as they are. My mother took benzos and later on she developed a bad heart due to other reasons. The doctor thought going off benzos would be worse than staying on them.

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They may not have known many many years ago. True. But they have known for a very long time. The problem is that most don’t want to get involved in the tapering process. It can be very hard for some people and require a lot of their time getting patients through the process if done correctly. So they just leave you on. It was my idea to taper, which was when I was basically abandoned by my doctor.

I never would have thought of getting off Lorazepam after taking for over 10 years, I did have second thoughts after nine months of HELL. BENZOS ARE DANGEROUS and the older you are, the worse it is when getting off them. I was negligent not reading the pharmacy paperwork which came with the prescription. However, the Doctors MUST have some culpability. We trust them, that why so many do not read the paperwork. The Pharmacist could almost warn that they are for SHORT TERM ONLY which would warn us.