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Sleep apnea and potential treatments

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I appreciate your reply! Very frustrating but it seems like this device
seems to make sense if you qualify. Insurance? Take a look
Inspiresleep.com. I’ll find out more next week. Happy Thanksgiving

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My original Dr told me it would be very doubtful that this would work for me. Please excuse me WGA for being Debbie Downer but I have less then zero% confidence in the medical field any more. Severe sleep apnea is only one of my health issues and have received little to no help but lot's of excuses. But, I have learned without any doubt about it, If you don't check the boxes that they have pre determine must be checked your s.#,d. However, I must still be holding out some hope since I check in to forums like this periodically to see if there is any new news. I just thought of something while writing this. Over my life I have coached at many levels. Most disappointing experiences came from administrators that instead of working with me to get kids on the right track, they just Bale on them and fight you tooth and nail for no apparent reason other then it would take a lot of time and effort. But what they miss out on, even if it were to only happen once out of every hundred times, is the satisfaction that someone that chooses that career path should dream about happening. This is the same feeling I get from most drs. I've seen. If it's an easy fix there all in, but if it takes some time and effort don't count on there help. And just like the teachers/admin I mentioned before, the people they don't give a legitimate effort to help are the people they would get the most gratification helping. Sorry for rambling. Good luck, I hope you find the answers your looking for

Have you seen your inspire sleep Dr yet. If so, how did it go.

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