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Sleep apnea and potential treatments

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I too have found it impossible to use a CPAP machine. I was diagnosed about 10yrs ago. I was successful for a couple months, and dropped a bunch of weight, but sleeping with it got harder every night till sleeping with it was impossible. I then tried again about 5 years ago with no improvement. This last year my family Dr sent me to a new sleep Dr(Choke Linton). Explained to me that he deals with people that have major problems using there CPAP machine and he has had fantastic results with patients returning to using there CPAP. I was re tested and found to have both obstructive and Central apnea. A new and different machine was ordered at the tune of 8000.00. When I went in for my consultation on use, and to pick up this new CPAP I was instructed on how to turn it on and off. No special instructions! I left without a CPAP machine. The sad fact, either you can use it or you can't, and personally I have not found anyone that can change that regardless of the smoke there blowing.

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I appreciate your reply! Very frustrating but it seems like this device
seems to make sense if you qualify. Insurance? Take a look
Inspiresleep.com. I’ll find out more next week. Happy Thanksgiving

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