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Nissen fundoplication success

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I associate with every single one of you. I had the Nissen in 2013 AND 2 years later the Toupet fundoplication. 195 lbs. then, 105 lbs. now. I have violent dumping syndrome issues STILL. I fear getting the stomach flu… as I cannot throw up. Will I drown? The wretching during dumping is horrid… the pain makes you moan and hollar out with the pain that runs from under your ribs to your pelvic bone. Once its out of me, I am fine again. Sometimes it IS that one more bite that does it… sometimes its only just a half cup of food. I have dyphagia, 5 nodules on thyroid that they have told me not to worry about. Plus I am filled with adhesions. I have limited movement due to the pulling. Lots of positional pain, stinging. Previous adhesions were attached to my ribs and bottom of my heart. I am pretty sure the adhesions are back. I lost my gall bladder way before the Nissen, plus in 2000 I had a 5 lb messenteric abdonimal cyst removed and Marlex mesh implanted for incisional hernias. I have had 6 abdominal surgeries. Dont trust any of the doctors anymore. The fix is temporary. I am so skinny and weak, have lost all muscle mass. I am a saggy (excess skin) bag of bones. Have been accused of being a meth head or anorexic. I hate what has been done to me. Please get second opinions… or thirds!! Nissen and toupet fundoplications fail more than succeed. I am forced now to just live with it. I quit my lifelong job to recover, lost my health insurance before I knew I actually wasnt fixed. I feel cheated and stupid. My first nissen surgeon was a general surgeon, the second was a weight loss surgeon. PLEASE go to a gastric specialist!! Now I just try to survive by barely eating… to try and maintain this weight and avoid dumping. Its not healthy, I don't recommend it. I hate this! I am a 58 year old female. I am sorry this has happened to us… but it helps to know I am not alone. Thanks for sharing your stories.

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So sorry. I think people getting ready to go through this should ask and ask allot of questions ! My surgeon basically told me I really didn't have a choice anymore because of all the medical issues I was having before surgery ? I hope all of us can overcome these issues soon !

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