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Nissen fundoplication success

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Yes dumping syndrome is a big deal–did you hear about that as part of your surgery pre or post work? I was told that I could have a very limited amount of food at any one time. Usually about 1/2 to 1 cup of food/liquid— I found out very quickly that limit was very accurate. You can eat slower and spread out the time you eat, but be really careful about overloading – it is miserable. "Dumping" will happen one of two ways, from my experience: vomiting or diarrhea. I have "perfected" my eating to a point where I will literally stop eating with one bite left; and will only eat half of any meal out–get the doggie bag and put half in it before you start. Short of the vomiting, I have found that if on the edge of a dumping episode, I will go lay down and that relieves some of the pressure-does not work every time, but it has helped with some cases. Best scenario: do not ever "over-eat". Although several years since my surgeries, I still get caught with a bad eating episode; just this past week I ate, literally!, one too many tortilla chips- I could feel go all the way down, and it felt like it lodged against something, and was poking my gut; sorry if too graphic. Became nauseated, congested, gut pain…for one chip!!??!!
Live and learn– best to learn early as there is no going back.
best to you, faithann64

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Never was told about dumping syndrome ! It's totally ridiculous what I've been going through the last 6 months. At surgery ( April 15th ) I was 243 pnds. I'm male, 5-11. Now at 193 pnds. Can't hardly eat anything, even liquids not comfortable going down . My primary has me back on liquid diet . I'm in constant stomach pain, sometimes the cramping is unbearable. Nausea, bloating, explosive diarrhea, hot flashes, heart palpitations, loud rumbling stomach, not possible to vomit after nissen fundoplication and hiatal hernia surgery. When I do eat I hafta stay close to bathroom, pretty much runs straight through me. It's affected every part of my life ! I see surgeon in couple days , looking like I'll probably be getting 2nd opinion !