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Welcome, @phoenixzip. That's quite a story to pack into one paragraph. You certainly have been through trials and tribulations, and success! I'm sure to every sentence that you wrote there is a wealth of emotion, knowledge and support that you'll unpack and share in the group. I'm really glad you're here. Congrats on the birth of your healthy boy. I look forward to learning more about the things you learn through the adoption process. Where are you now on the adoption journey?

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Currently at the very beginnings of it. Mostly doing our research on which way we want to go with adoption. And making sure we have all our finances in order so there aren’t too many surprises. Very similar to IVF I’m that aspect. Side note: stay on top of your insurance people with your IVF stuff! My husband and I have had a few learn the hard way moments/insurance dropped the ball on communication. So hound them if need be!

Circling back……yes very beginnings of the adoption process. We hope to meet with an adoption lawyer or 2 to just ask a few questions that the agencies we’ve looked at so far aren’t really clear on. Gathering lots of intel. Already have several resources/support from friends and family that have been through this process and they have calmed several of my original fears. Cross your fingers we will be able to make it happen! 😉

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