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Hello Everyone! I’m finally joining the party! My life has been very hectic and busy this past week all to the good though. My IVF journey is done for now, but I wanted to be part of this group to help support and be a source for whomever needs it. I have had success and failure with IVF. My story is a long one and I won’t bore ya with the novel but in the end we turned to IVF due to endometriosis and me having quite a severe case of it. Something it seems most of you are quite familiar with. I am down to one ovary and the tube to that ovary is blocked which is not helpful at all in trying to have children. When my husband and I started IVF it was about 2 years ago. The fall on 2017. I knew it was gong to be quite an adventure because I have a huge aversion to shots…..ha ha….guess what IVF is. Anyway, after swim we ended up with only 3 embryos which to us was like striking gold! We were told we’d be quite luck if we even got 1 or 2. We actually got pregnant after our fresh transfer…….sadly, it didn’t stick and turned into a miscarriage. The only known miscarriage I’ve ever had. Then we had discovered that through the stimulation process another endometrioma had formed…..doh! And when we got to our second transfer……nothing took. My gut was telling me that my ovary was not going to even try to support a baby if it has to fight an endometrioma too. So I had another surgery to get it removed and sure enough….I was right! Our last transfer…..it was an emotional one, I was in tears after because I wanted it to work soooooo bad (most of you know that feeling a little too well). The next few weeks of testing were stressful because all my results kept coming up in the “gray” area where, I couldn’t quite let myself get excited……then we got to the ultrasound………and we saw it. Flickering pixels! A heartbeat! It is now 2019 and my healthy baby boy is 8 months! I am living proof that IVF can happen. I have learned that persistence in this process is HUGE!!!! And patience is truly learned…..holy cow! About 6 months after having my son, we decided to try again with IVF. Needless to say it didn’t take. We were disappointed because we long for a big family, but we have not given up hope! Currently investigating adoption and who knows what might happen. That’s my story and please feel free to ask me anything. I am an open book!

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Welcome, @phoenixzip. That's quite a story to pack into one paragraph. You certainly have been through trials and tribulations, and success! I'm sure to every sentence that you wrote there is a wealth of emotion, knowledge and support that you'll unpack and share in the group. I'm really glad you're here. Congrats on the birth of your healthy boy. I look forward to learning more about the things you learn through the adoption process. Where are you now on the adoption journey?

Isn’t endometriosis one tough disease to not only live with but to work around? I really appreciate you sharing your story! I also have endometriosis and it really isn’t talked about much! Your story is a wonderful story to read because despite all the what ifs it worked for you! I think its encouraging to know that you didn’t just take no as an answer but will form a family no matter how that may look!

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