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Hi all!
I’m doing just fine; we had an all day Mayo visit recently with about 6 different appointments. most of them were to get ready for our next round in Feb. We are deciding not to do genetic testing this round. In hindsight we wish we wouldn’t have opted for it last round. We thought we would have 8 embryos to test and then our chances were higher of leading to a live birth because we would’ve taken the best looking one. Looking back we wish Mayo would’ve warned us before sending our ONE embryo for testing. We didn’t realize that Mayo’s policy is they refuse to transfer an abnormal embryo even if we want them too. Had they not done testing they would’ve transferred anyway and then our embryo would’ve had a chance to correct itself (again, something I learned through this process). It was hard learning it would’ve been a girl. My friends all say “that makes it feel a bit more real doesn’t it” when they hear it is a girl. And I have to remind them that although it’s not in my stomach, she IS ”real” and is the closest thing to a baby we’ve ever had. we all start as embryos and this is a loss for us. So I’ve been working through that most recently. But I move on best when I actually move on so I’m trying to just focus on the next round.

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I had no idea that they will not transfer an abnormal embryo either. Maybe somewhere along the line they told us that but I don’t remember that being part of the discussion. I guess that all along I just assumed that was our choice? I am so sorry that you were faced with the loss of that embryo! I completely agree that although a baby may not be in your stomach it definitely is a real baby! Keeping you in my prayers as you move into this next round!

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