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Hello! I’m Jenna. I’m bummed I missed most of the conference call; my phone didn’t remind me until an hour into it!
My husband, Carl, and I live in Duluth and have been TTC for about 5 1/2 years. We have had *about* every test imaginable done twice to see what is causing our infertility and we still have no answers. Years ago we did the IUI’s (4 medicated, 1 unmedicated), took a year or two off of doctors appointments and heartache and started IVF in July at the Mayo. I was so excited to start; so anxious and teary before every appointment. That didn’t last long! We just had our second failed cycle and it was a new low for us. I’m just so thankful this is going to be a community so close to home, since no one actually close to home “gets” it.

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Finding people who "get it" can be challenging when no one in your family or close circle of friends have "been there."
@minnesotamrsa the emotional roller coaster is tough. It's also hard to hear and accept comfort from well meaning family and friends. Do you find that hard to deal with? How do you care for yourself, soothe the sadness and disappointment, and keep going?

@abcdefghi, your alphabet username is quite fitting for this group. TTC, PCOS, IVF, BFN, OHSS, not to mention SE MN (LOL) – that's a lot of alphabet soup. Who knew that this life chapter would involve so many acronyms? I hope J & D will join the discussion as I believe that they have been to Resolve before and found it to be very informative.

In case anyone is wondering this is event:
Exploring Paths of Hope: 35th Annual Infertility, Adoption, & Family Building Summit
Saturday, November 9, 2019, 8:00AM – 5:30PM
More details here: https://resolve.org/get-involved/events/local-events/midwest-family-building-summit/

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