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Celiac accidentally glutened

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@sunflower012 I can't eat gluten and have been gluten free for 19 years, and recently I did accidentaly eat about 3 bites of mac and cheese made with a wheat based pasta. I could feel some digestive discomfort and feel it move through my digestive tract, but other than that, I was fine. I have a lot of other food allergies too, and that happened because of a leaky gut from eating gluten before I figured these things out. The other health issues that you have may be more at work with the fatigue you are experiencing, or it is the combination of all of it together. I used to have a much bigger response to gluten exposure years ago with bloating and what was like an intestinal flu. I think that my system has healed because of avoidance, so one mistake wasn't such a big deal to my body. That was welcome news. There are also enzymes that are sold at pharmacies that digest gluten if you have an accidental exposure. I certainly would talk to your doctor and check iron levels. Your ability to absorb nutrients in the gut will affect that too, and a blood test would confirm if that is successful.

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I have been gluten free for 20+ yrs and have other autoimmune issues. A lot of good advice has already been given, I would just like to mention a medication that I have been on for almost as long, to help with extreme tiredness, it is Modafinil which is primarily for people with Narcolepsy but can also be used for Daytime Sleepiness. This diagnosis was given after a sleep study. I was falling asleep at work so this saved my Career in health care and also my driving ability. It is not a cheap medication and sometimes requires additional information from the doctor to the insurance people if they deny it the first time.
For me it was a life saver.