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3 week pain clinic

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Hello @ginnyodie,

I’d like to provide some more information regarding Mayo Clinic’s Pain Rehabilitation Center (PRC).
The 3-week program is intended for adults whose chronic pain is a major health issue and who, because of pain, have experienced a significant decline in functional abilities, mood and quality of life. Each PRC employs an integrated team of health care professionals trained in many areas, including pain medicine, physical therapy, psychology, occupational therapy, biofeedback and nursing.

The two-day pain rehabilitation program at Mayo Clinic's campus in Minnesota teaches adults with chronic pain the skills they need to self-manage their pain. The program uses a cognitive behavioral model to teach people coping skills to manage pain, with an emphasis on improving function and reducing unnecessary health care utilization. It doesn't include physical or occupational therapy, or medication management for discontinuing pain medication. https://www.mayoclinic.org/departments-centers/pain-rehabilitation-center/services

At present, Mayo Clinic gastroenterologists who work with the PRC are conducting clinical trials of new ways to diagnose and treat gastroparesis. For instance, researchers in the Enteric Neuroscience Program are studying the underlying mechanics of the digestive system, including nerve reflexes between the stomach and brain, as well as new methods of gastric biopsy to better understand the underlying causes of gastroparesis. https://www.mayo.edu/research/labs/enteric-neuroscience/program-projects

Here are two Connect discussions about the pain rehab. program that might interest you:
I'd also like to invite a few members who have talked about their experiences with the Pain Rehabilitation Clinic – please meet @joanmahon @titansmistress @tazscott @pammaw @tomb1

@ginnyodie, would you share a few details about how you’ve coped and managed thus far? Do you know if there’s a probable cause (diabetes, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, other autoimmune disorders) for your diagnosis?

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Thanks for the links, I would be interested in hearing from anyone with a GI disorder who has been through that program. Maybe some of the folks you've tagged will chime in. Unless they have something really novel and that specifically addresses pain, I probably won't pursue it myself. i.e. biofeedback or hypnosis (which is about the only thing that has been shown to have some actual effect with IBS pain – so I'm going to extrapolate to the GI tract), which they don't do there. I might just pursue that somewhere. I haven't had the eval yet.