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Severe upper abdominal pain in 12 year old

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I understand how difficult life is now for your grandson. He has had significant testing already- no answers though. I am glad he is going to see an immunologist. Since he has type 1 diabetes which is an autoimmune illness, he could also have a second autoimmune disease. We would appreciate it if you give us a follow up after his visit to the immunologist. Maybe we have other members that can share information? Please post any time about your grandson.

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Thank you. We have to go through the referral process, which takes forever,and then another wait to get an appointment, IF they decide to take his case. It's been a very frustrating time with the medical professionals. We have a referral to a genetics clinic, but they told me the referral takes at least a month to review, and then (if accepted) scheduling an appointment is a year out! Unbelievable.

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome may be what my grandson is experiencing. We sent his blood sample to Florida for an MRT test, which is a food sensitivity test. Pricey, but it came back within 2 days. It showed he was very sensitive to turkey! That was the only high level one. The other moderate ones included some foods and fish that he doesn't really eat, and some chemicals: aspartame, capsaicin,, tyramine, MSG. Being diabetic, he has consumed many artificially sweetened foods and beverages. He has stopped drinking diet sodas, and after only 3 days, his morning nausea and pain have somewhat disappeared! Research on aspartame indicates that once it is consumed, it turns into methanol, which then turns into formaldehyde when it heats up in the body. How terrifying! The capsaicin is from chili peppers, so we are trying to reduce that in his diet. He loves tacos, chili, etc., so this may be more difficult. Corn was also on the moderate sensitivity list, and trying to eliminate all the things that have corn will be hard. Buying organic is probably our best choice. Hope this helps someone with daily abdominal pain and nausea.
With the virus pandemic on right now, doctor appointments have been put on the back burner. No telling when his referral with the immunologist will be acknowledged.