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Cancer Treatment Induced Heart Disease

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Hi martijwis,
I too have recently been diagnosed with CAD. Seems to be part of the RIHD collection of negative effects. I had three stents put in the right coronary artery (RCA) less than two years ago, and in October I learned the artery is now 100% occluded. The term used by the doc when reviewing my tests was a very matter of fact “the artery disappeared”. That totally freaked me out! It can’t be a good thing to have an artery with good blood flow (thanks to the stents) just disappear, right? He grabbed me off the ceiling and explained that there were other ‘channels’ that formed and were feeding blood to that part of the heart. I’m hoping that’s not a temporary thing. At any rate, from one of the research articles at Cleveland Clinic (thanks for the tip), I learned that those with RIHD are more prone to restenosis than most. I’m learning more about this issue every day. There definitely needs to be more research into early intervention strategies that slow or stop the progression prior to a person becoming symptomatic. Discovering this condition exists 40 years after radiation is at least 35 years later than necessary.

Keep in touch and let me know how your treatment progresses.

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Hi again Inali, Re: these events that have happened to you–shocking news. Interesting to hear about the new channels that formed. I remember reading something about that during my intense recent research. There is SO much more yet to learn. Yes, I agree with you 100% about the need for more early intervention strategies (like the regular monitoring of our hearts after our high risk left side radiation treatment from years, as Colleen mentioned) to slow or stop the progression. If I would not have recently heard about the Coronary Artery Scan (CCS) and paid $100 out of pocket to have it done, I would still be in the dark about the real status of my coronary arteries and one of my valves. My left breast cancer radiation ended in early 2014. Again, I am so very sad that your diagnosis took this unbelievably long time. I believe the CCS came into being sometimes in the 1980s. And, I'm not sure that the left side radiation induced heart disease connection pattern became apparent until maybe just a few years ago (?) by our increasing numbers? If you have the time or interest to read the Detailed reply I wrote to Colleen in answer to her comments/questions for me, about my just beginning saga,, please do so and feel free to comment. At the bottom of my reply is my request also to Colleen to please share our stories/sagas w/ Drs. and consider opening more RIHD Speciality Clinics (including at Mayo) for the increasing #s of us being found with this disease. I'll keep in touch about how my treatment is going at this earlier stage and so my info. might not be that useful for you so mostly would like you to keep me posted about your progress, esp. with this October '19 news. And I will let you know if I read anything especially helpful, perhaps, for those of us w/ RIHD–CAD and other effects. You are very strong to write so honestly and clearly about all you have experienced with heart disease and finally getting the correct diagnosis. And yes, I share your feelings about this RIHD condition, seemingly, still not being screened by many Drs. or recognized/publicized by the media and/or our doctors, or even mentioned to those of us who had Left side radiation.

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