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@gj53 i do find the Afflovest helpful, and it is portable.

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I am doing some research on various vests and am interested in learning more about the Afflovest, as I think it may be a good additional option for me. I understand that it uses a different technology than the ones that use air compression and that the vest is heavier in comparison to the air driven versions.
Does the weight cause any negative issues?
I really like the fact that this vest is portable and look forward to learning any pros/cons you can give.
FYI for anyone else reading this: I already use an air driven vest and nebulized saline/meds and all have helped me. I too produce little sputum and it took a few months of use before I can say it really helped. I still do not produce a lot, but what I can produce makes a difference for how I feel. In the beginning of using the vest, I did have to consult with the company to adjust settings in order to mitigate some muscle discomfort. The adjustments made all the difference and I comfortably use my vest at this time (3-4 times/day). I like the vest I have; I am just exploring the portable option, as I live far from appointments and would like the convenience of a portable vest.
I greatly appreciate this forum. Thank you!