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darweshalassi (@darweshalassi)

Chronic nausea

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Hello @darweshalassi, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It must be so stressful to have these symptoms, but no diagnosis!
I'd like to invite into this discussion more members who’ve talked about digestive issues, and who can perhaps speak to psychological issues and whether they have had any physical manifestations such as the chronic nausea you are experiencing.
Please meet @peabody88 @legallyred @jacque6977 @jlfisher56 @bobbiejean @melaniewa @lighthouseceliac @jeffreysgirl13 @astaingegerdm @pamshil58.

I’d also encourage you to go through some of these discussions on Connect:
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From what you’ve shared, @darweshalassi, it seems the antidepressant worked; have you considered going back to the psychiatrist?

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Hello , Thank u for ur Reply !
actually im going to another psychiatrist after 2 days and i`ll see what will happen ..i just Cant live like that even anti-nuasea med`s didnt work