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@sherilara Nothing worse than sinus pain. And you said that your face gets swollen! Do your teeth hurt? Have the doctors given you any explanations? Anything at all? Have they suggested trying saline nasal spray? You can get it at a drug store or grocery. It helps to keep the nostrils clean—my doctor swears by it. And it works.
@lisalucier asked if there were any common factors on your good days. But, has anything changed in your environment (house, yard, neighborhood, new pets, new anything) in the past 2 years? Please let us know what you find out

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@sherilara Sinus problems are the pits . I have a lot of drainage because of post nasal drainage is this what you have it goes down your throat and is annoying for sure . Besides using a Netti pot and saline wash I do everyday to keep the mucus under control. If your face is swollen I wonder if it is a sinus infection? You should be seen probably by another ENT he could help you . The questions from Becky can be maybe an allergy to your environment new soap, clothes, rugs,mold, have you lived there all your life? I was thinking something in a new house. Have you mentioned the tickle in the back of your throat to the Dr ? Has he looked at it. Let us know when you find out what it is .

I have tried saline, netti pot, cardiologists, more then one ENT. I traveled to all different states and the same thing happens. Allergy testing was done diet was changed it just happens again my head just fills with fluid.

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