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Good to hear from you, Rubywitch! Besides recurrent bladder infections (38 in almost 3 years + antibiotics for each one!), all is well with me. So my focus for quite some time has been on finding 'the cure' for my UTIs. I'm almost there and will likely be accepted to be part of a study.
After I cured my Afib 35 years ago which was 2 years of hell leading up to being put on beta blockers, as long as I keep away from the triggers my cardiologist warned me about, I have no arrhythmia, skipped beats,.,nothing. If I do succumb to an Iced Cap for example, which happens 2x a summer, my heart will warn me with skipped beats and/or racing heart.
The triggers are caffeine which is in coffee, tea, chocolate, caffeinated soft drinks (maybe you say pop?), alcohol and….my doctor said to even stay away from second hand cigarette smoke! And stress, of course.
I feel good; could be more active and although I eat loads of veggies, I could stay away more from carbs. I'm 70 and still going strong; going to Spain in winter and on a cruise next spring, studying Italian and German. Gotta keep on going and keep the brain stimulated!!
And you? Are you still a worry wart? Is your family more supportive?

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Hey AFRobin
I can't believe they still haven't found the cause of your UTI's! I hope this study you got in to will be the answer! I've had enough UTI's to last a lifetime! No where as many as you, but they are extremely unpleasant and I can't imagine having over 10 a year! I wish we had talked about AFIB before I went ahead with the ablation. I'd be really interested to know how you "cured" yours! I had my 6th month follow up yesterday and was told everything looked good and the fact that I was having a few very mild PVC's was nothing to worry about. I asked if I could wear a monitor just for peace of mind and the PA was OK with that, so I'm just waiting for that to clear insurance. I haven't had a single drop of alcohol since the night before the ablation, and I do miss a good glass of wine or the odd cocktail. My cardio said I could try it and see if it triggered anything, and while I'm tempted, I NEVER want to go through another AFIB episode in my life if I can help it. After this long, I don't really miss it, but there were a couple really hot days this summer when a tall, frosty gin and tonic was VERY enticing! When you get to be our age, even the little things we can't do any longer is frustrating!
Aren't YOU just the world traveler now! Where do you get your energy? Probably from all those carbs……LOL I can't stay away from them either!
And me…….I'm still a worry wart! It's my hobby! That's what keeps MY brain active! Like you, I could definitely stand to be more active, but the arthritis has gotten really quite horrid and keeps me from doing as much as I want. Getting old is not for the faint of heart, is it?
My family is as supportive as they can be. I learned quite awhile ago that trying to force someone to be who you wish they were is a lost cause. I'll just take what I can get from them and be happy with that. If I need more, I've got you and this forum and when you get right down to it, people who really understand what you're going through, have gone through it themselves, are far better at giving support that really helps.
Let's try to keep in touch better! Enjoy your trip to Spain. You're going to LOVE it, and I'm envious!
With love,