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Accepting Your Symptoms

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Nov 21, 2019 | Replies (15)

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@njp1013 – that's helpful to know that the symptoms of depression and anxiety you are trying to accept while you heal are insomnia, sweating, loss of appetite, feeling anxious, crying at the drop of a hat and inability to focus on work or things you enjoy. That's an interesting point that you find it difficult to accept your symptoms at times due to the fear that arises from your symptoms.

Hoping that some of these members might have some tricks/pointers you might use to help you accept your symptoms, like @mandrake70 @cdcc @contentandwell @grandmar @sandij @mommabird74, especially in light of trying to hold it together at work and with your kids.

In all honesty, I think that getting an increase in my dosage of fluoxetine (Prozac), along with time and trying to keep more in control of my thoughts (instead of letting them control me and ruminating on what I was anxious about) also helped me out, along with acceptance.

In addition to trying to accept them, are you finding anything helpful thus far with addressing any of the symptoms you mentioned? Any nights where something helped you sleep longer, for instance?

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chamomile tea seems to help, and my symptoms seem to abate at night time, kinda ramp up again before bed though as i get anxious about sleeping. also being with my family always seems to help..my wife is very understanding of this and has helped me so much.. i wouldnt mind the not sleeping if i could use the time doing things i enjoy but unfortunately in the state im in when i wake up early i dont feel i can enjoy anything, but maybe i havent tried hard enough, maybe tomorrow will make a cup of tea and try to read the paper or something..

@lisalucier @njp1013 I think the type of anxiety that njp experiences is different from any anxiety i have experienced. When I have had these problems it’s been a reaction to a stressful situation or worry about something that I can’t control anyway. I have never been on drugs except for a very occasional lorazepam when some worry causes sleepless nights.

When I have had anxieties or been depressed I have always found that if I can get myself motivated to do something it takes my mind off of things, at least for that amount of time. Before I retired I welcomed going to work when I had troubles. It is more difficult if you don’t have to do something.

I wish I could be more helpful, but this is not really within my personal experience.

My doc is moving me from Escitalipram to Prozac. I’m happy to see that you feel better on this med. it gives me hope for reigning in this dreadful anxiety!