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AV node ablation

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@1943 Hello — I have not had this but it is #5 on the list of options presented to me by my EP to treat my Afib. If your doctor has suggested this I would definitely get a second opinion. The thought of going through a procedure which is not reversible and what some describe as a 'nuclear' option was very unappealing to me. I was told that it works very well for a lot of afib sufferers but there is a chance it will not. Fortunately, it is #5 for me and very much down the road. I did do some research on the pacemaker that would be installed and posted on some forums asking about it. No one seemed to know anything about it and how it well it works. Hope this is helpful but really it depends on your particular situation. All the best. Mary

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Have pacemaker for 6 years. No problems. I
Suggest reading up on triggers and keep away from them