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Curtis, I had a ulcer on the top of the arch of my left foot. That's where they did the biopsy. It healed then came back, and has now healed for some time BUT it often hurts and is sensitive and I can feel it down to the end of my big toe, like a tightened rod. I worry that it's going to return as a hole. 🙁 I only had one on each foot, others were on the lower legs. The other ulcers I had to start with have healed. So glad you didn't have your foot cut off and that you are walking correctly again.

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Hi, I'm guessing your name is Ruth! Where are you located? I'm just curious, I'm in Chula Vista, CA. My original wound was on the inside of my left ankle and started as just about the size of a quarter but quickly got out of control! Mostly from Dr's not knowing what it was and trying to treat it like a blister. I went through 6 doctors before one said You've got to go to the hospital and have a wound specialist check you out! By then it was so bad they kept me in the hospital for 5 days, pumping antibiotics into me.Then the wound Dr would scrape out everything that was growing, stuck me on xeralto and gave me bad info on what was wrong with my ankle. Then I went to another hospital wound center and then a 3rd where suddenly there was big concerns because the original was about 3 inches wide and at the edge of my tendon in back of my foot and another was growing on the outside of my ankle and the one on my right foot that started about the size of a dime and grew to larger than a silver dollar before they got it under control. Now I have one spot on the outside of left ankle and a match on the inside of left ankle. How many different pains did you experience? I can count 5 different and I don't take pain meds, they make me stupid during and after. Do you know of any way to get recognition to the crew that saved my feet? I'd buy them all something special but I'm pretty poor with my monthly $1055. barely enough for living and saving a few bucks! If you think of a way can you let me know? Thanks for letting me vent! since I don't work and spend 95% of my day in bed with legs up I don't see or meet anyone. Have a good weekend, I'm going to walk 4 blocks today to continue to stretch my skin back to normal walking. I forgot to take pictures this morning when I changed bandages, I'll write myself a note.