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Hi Ruth, I am so glad that you are doing better. So glad about no new ulcers. I am doing better too and have no new ulcers to report. I still take the Xarelto every day. I did experience some nerve damage from the skin graft I had to have placed almost a year ago to close my right ankle ulcer. My right foot has numbness and weakness . It was a terrible ulcer, and I guess I am glad to still have my foot. I have forgotten now, what medications you are taking.
Thanks for posting, Zenk

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I take Pantoprazole at 3pm and 3x 100mg Aspirin Ph Eur (enteric coated) in the middle of my evening meal. I tried Xarelto but I had nose bleeds. I use Microdacyn Wound Care to clean the ulcer/ulcerated area around the leg. I use Acticoat Flex 3 (nanocrystalline silver) which I change every three days, cover with gauze squares and then pull on a "blue line tubular bandage" to hold it all in place. I try and get air and light to the other part of the leg. I found using sticking plaster even the allergy kind, or a bandage did damage to the area, so now I just use enough stocking to hold the things in place. Earlier I also used "Iodosorb" an iodine ointment on the holes, alternating with acticoat.
I've had another autoimmune skin problem, diagnosed 2002, and control that through diet, which is why I'm having a go at the full allergy list whammy. I know food makes a difference.