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I check the LV group page every now and then, but have nothing to report really. My last two ulcers are getting smaller and I'm anxious that I don't get any more. I debride them every 3 days and use acticoat. I'm still doing the - not eating anything on an allergy list - mostly, and if it helps then that's good. What are other people with LV doing ?

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Hello my fellow sufferers! I'm Curtis Miller, I've been dealing with my LV since November 2011 but wasn't correctly diagnosed until it showed up on my other ankle! That was April 2015! My right ankle healed in 2017 thanks to a NP at the Paradise Valley Hospital center for Wound Healing. She kept trying new meds to find something that would work and it seemed like going back and forth from Silver Alginate and Anasept gel and bandage changes daily with debridment once a week has it nearly healed. Before she started working on my feet I kept being told I should let them cut off my foot! And even after it started healing one Dr said it will never be the same as it was and I should cut it off anyway! My right ankle is discolored and has a few scars and my left is healed except for 2- 1/4 to 1/2 inch spots that are very shallow compared to the gaping holes I had that were 4mm deep on average with some spots deeper. I'll try to remember to take pictures of what it looks like, can I post them here? Nurse Kelly Knight and her crew at the wound center have me walking correctly again and I only go see them every 2 weeks now and I'm looking for a Jeep to go camping again! That's it, except does anyone else still get the various pains in their healed ankles/feet? OK, Happy Trails!