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Just thinking out loud: Humans Alone vs Social

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Great discussion and interesting choice of a “name”….stuck on you. I am interested in your physical living arrangement and means of self support…that is do you support yourself as an artist? You do not have to answer.

Millions of people choose to live alone and interact with others physically only out of necessity. We call them loners or a lone wolf. There are probably very few hermits who live off the land Robinson Crusoe style. Lots of people find them odd. I don’t see the necessity of having to explain your choice to anyone and it sounds like you want validation by doing so. This is by no means a negative criticism. I agree that people are impatient and don’t listen….they are too preoccupied with what they have to say. There are very few good listeners out there and they stand out.

Some of our most creative people through the centuries have been labeled as loners. You are an introspective individual which , maybe, a lot of “loners” are. If you are happy with yourself and content with your life, why do you question it? You are interacting with the HBs on this forum are you not?
I don’t question your choice at all and I think you may be too introspective and that those you do interact with are causing you to question yourself.

Live long and prosper
FL Mary

Ps I reread this and it sounds like a put down. It is not. I have a sense of humor and love to look at all sides of things in general.

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Hi I m all ears,
Thanx for your reply.
No prob answering you question about living arrangements: I live in a family neighborhood…lots of kids. Sometimes I baby sit. Few people accept my answers and explanations for having what I have driving what I drive, and as they try to “ figure me out “ most think that I’m hiding some truth based on “ starving artist “ stereotypes. There are many truths I’m hiding because if they doubt what I tell them I know that no truth or lie will satisfy all curiosities. Imagine if you will someone asking you how much you are worthy, how much money you have on hand, etc etc
Less is often better ( words from my minimalist period )

IMHO, most people don’t “ get me “ I’m mostly okay with that but I do think that there still exists out there who might quietly observe me, maybe from a distance, maybe up close if the can get in; and like the Caterpillar to Alice, they will ask: “ Who are YOU? “
I believe that I will recognize what’s being asked and delve into the inquiry…

My brother who I was once very close with always introduced me to new friends as : “ my brother from another planet “ I LOVED IT! However more often than not others would ask me why I allow him to disparage me like that?

We once understood each other so for me that was an accurate description as in most other ways we were very dissimilar.

Now we’re strangers

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