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Lessons I Learned From Caregiving

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Hi! Thank you for asking! I've been tying to get on here but crazy busy.
He had a scan on Monday and we saw the dr on Wednesday. He has had 3 treatments of Vectibix and the nodules decreased by almost HALF!! That is the best result we have seen from any chemo or immunotherapy since this all started 6 years ago. His face is still very painful. It has spread on his back, arms, hands, legs, chest and neck. They are not as painful as his face.
Dr is skipping the next 2 treatments, then scheduled again for December 17th.
I bought a dozen white pillow cases– because they need to be changed daily. I use unscented soap for his clothes. Aquaphor seems to feel the best. Its very greasy tho . I got him an electric blanket cause he is so cold all the time. He is an electrician and yesterday a pair of dykes fell off a ladder and hit him on his nose . Ugh!!
We are hoping his face will start to feel better soon! Anyone have an idea how long that might take?

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@lah. I’m so glad to hear from you! Sounds like you and the doctor are doing everything to address the painful rash. Are you also using unscented soap for the bedsheets?
Sounds like the Vectibix is really working well for your husband! Keep us informed. We care