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Lessons I Learned From Caregiving

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I just returned from helping my 96 yr. old mother and I thought I’d pass along some things that I learned. My mother was always independent until a month ago. She had a nice apartment in a retirement community. Then a friend lost her balance and knocked my mother over and she sustained a broken pelvis. X-rays didn’t show anything but an MRI showed the break. Mom had to move to the nursing unit, in her building, where she is monitored and gets PT. So, what did I learn?

- Try to keep things as near normal as before—change can be disorienting. Work with the dietician to have food they like
- Have a table within reach for tissues, water, phone, brain exercise books like crosswords, suduko, acrostics, wordfind, solitaire
- Encourage upper extremity exercises while in bed and out of bed time (with assistance)
- Keep room cool at night to help sleep. Bring a quilt or blanket that can remind them of home
- Ask about attending care team meetings. My brother and I attended one for Mom . It included all disciplines
- Attend a physical therapy session, if possible

It was all exhausting, especially to combine her needs with the fatigue from my illness, but important!

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What I forget in my post yesterday was that everything doesn’t go smoothly! When I suggested that she might want her iPad (she loves following her children and grandchildren and great grandchildren) she insisted that she didn’t want it. Asked her if she wanted some fabric to start a new quilt, she said no. Everything I suggested, she didn’t want. 😑 Except she wanted to turn on the TV volume but was sure that would bother the roommate. My mother loves to follow all the latest political news but she was sure her roomie must be the other political party! Oh well, just do your best!