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Facial fasiculations and drooping eyelid

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One thing I am starting to wonder about is an event that happened in May of 2017. I was kicked in the head by a horse. Can't help but wonder if this might somehow be related.

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Of corse I wouldn’t know for sure but damage to any area of the brain may trigger seizures and eventually epilepsy.
I believe my seizures may have been caused when a friend (?) hit me in the head with a baseball bat. Although they didn’t start till years after that.
I wonder if any of the abnormalities on your MRI are a result of that incident.
Regardless if your diagnosed with Epilepsy or not it obviously apparent your having seizures. Your probably aware that certain activities should be avoided, driving unless seizure free for 1 year or whatever your states requirement is. I’m in California and it’s 1 year here but exceptions are sometimes made depending on circumstances. I’m hoping for an exception on my drivers license upcoming
re-evaluation. I forgot to take my medicine which is a rare occurrence. Also, you should only take showers while sitting. If money is no object installing temperature controls would prevent accidentally moving the control to hot (depending on the type of control) and potentially causing burns. 5% of all drownings are seizure related. 60% of people who drown with Epilepsy die in the bathtub. Like me you may never know the cause of your seizures. 75% of Epilepsies are Idiopathic.
When is your next Neuro appt?

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