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Facial fasiculations and drooping eyelid

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She has not mentioned much and we still need to do an EEG, this is all very preliminary. There are some lesions that show on the MRI but she is not sure if they are related. She is actually going off a video I captured last month.
My episodes start with either an unusual smell or sensations. then followed by sudden extreme fear. Sometimes I jump up and start randomly walking but they do not last very long, maybe 30 seconds to a minute but sometimes I have them multiple times a day and I wake up in the night with them feeling like I am spinning. It's very very strange and hard to explain everything I am feeling.
Unfortunately these short episodes are sometimes followed by much stronger attacks that leaves me incapacitated, disoriented, unable to make sense of my surrounding and overwhelmed with a host of physical sensations. I once even urinated on myself and another time fell out of the shower and was hauled out of my house buck naked in the dead of winter by EMT. Fun times:(

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Weird things can happen alright. My friend in
Birmingham, England had a Focal Impaired and took off all her clothes in McDonalds.
If your Neuro is planning a regular 20-30 minute EEG I would stay up all night the night before your EEG to help you have some seizure activity. Hopefully you’ll go to sleep during the test. When you fell out of the shower, was that a Tonic Clonic seizure?
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Hi, @bumble81 – how are you doing? Will you be having the EEG soon that you mentioned you will need?

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