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Occipital Neuralgia

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ON came crashing down on my wife second week of June, so much pain I thought she was going to faint. Walk in clinics, family doc, then ER for a Cat Scan, refused to give her a nerve block in the ER (new world of medicine I guess) waited two weeks to get a block which didn't help right away. Doing physical therapy, SLOWLY her intense pain subsided. We're hoping she's turned the corner finally, getting a second block this week. This is a terrible condition.

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I've endured this pain for the past 3 years. For me, it occurs about every 3 months, then lasts about a month. The pain is a 9 out of 10, non-stop. Only morphine relieves it, and then only for 6 hours or so. I've had more nerve blocks than I can count. Also many trigger point injections. I was unable to take any of the drugs prescribed due to side effects, which is not at all unusual for me. The last treatment was botox injections which didn't help either. The last drug prescribed was also a failure, and I think that's the last of the non-invasive treatments that Kaiser offers. I'll be seeking a referral to another facility where a procedure called Occipital Release is performed. Everything I've read indicates that it's very effective and not all that invasive. Recovery time is only projected to be 2 weeks. At this point I'll do anything to get relief. I'd love to hear from someone who has had this procedure.