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Occipital Neuralgia

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I was diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia. Along with that came cervicogenic headache, spondylosis then later chronic migraine diagnosis. I was never totally convinced that ON was accurate but I did know the pain brought me to tears and I used to tell my husband there was evil living inside my head! Pressure inside and tenderness on the outside. I could not lay on a soft pillow and would have to sleep upright in my recliner with my head gently resting against ice until it was completely numb. I was desperate for help so I went for the greater and lesser occipital nerve block followed by radio frequency ablations. I received sufficient relief and continued for 2 years. I also had the same procedures on my neck C3-C7. In the end I began having less relief and more pain to convince me something else was going on or they just weren't working anymore. Turns out I was also diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy shortly there after. Kind of a mixed bag regarding nerves and common areas of interest. Only you can decide if its the right procedure for you and I wish you all the best. Feel free to ask if you would like to know any more about the procedures.

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Hi Rachel. I too have been having occipital nerve issues. Back in 2018 I was sent to a neurologist and she automatically said it was inflammation of that nerves. So she said a block would help. It hurt so bad I cried hard. It made the pain worse at back my head and neck. Many migraine’s. Drs would have me take daily shots but they never helped. It took 8 long months just to get back to the same level I was before the block on each side. Back of my head. You mention Ablations. I’m curious how those work. I’ve been suffering with this nasty pain back curve of my head past 5 years. I had taken a bad fall earlier that year and hit back of my head on a 2 liter pop bottle. I can’t get my neurosurgeon to listen and pay attention to me bout this. He did do a Cervical Fushion at C4 through C7. Says it looks fine but he can’t explain migraines n pain at back my skull/neck. I have tinnitus screaming so loud past 10 years. If I hold my head down to read and then look up I feel loopy drunk like. I kind of get the feeling like blood supply or oxygen or a nerve pinched tight that when I walk I stumble. A lot. Head fuzzy. It’s a miserable feeling and I tend to lie down a lot and social distance myself from my family. I don’t want nobody seeing me feeling like this. I tried something not on purpose other day but by accident. Instead of taking pain pills as I have been since 15 yrs now I’ve tried the THC and CBD gummies. They help w some pain. But I just don’t wanna get to used to them. I mainly try 2 per day for pain. But I took it round noon and these r 30 min. Acting but I was coloring and had my head down few hours but I never felt any pain relief so 5 hours later I get up and after 10 min. I’m starting to feel the gummy. So that’s how I’ve come to the conclusion that a nerve or blood supply is cut off where I couldn’t feel the gummy’s. So 8 hours laters approx. I started feeling the gummy working. I started getting lil munchie then. So does this sound possible of something being cut off in order to me feeling this way? My head is drunk most of the time and I stumble where I fall. So embarrassing. Headaches are back my head and front forehead plus behind my ears. Does this sound like a ablation situation? I’m starting to loose trust in some Drs. I don’t know if they’re worried bout doing more or just settle for doing that fusion. I need help. I’m begging for help. I can’t do another year of this. How do I get a Dr to pay attention to this ? Even he gave me a shot for migraines and said I shouldn’t have anymore fore good year. Wrong. I have 50 plus a day. I’m sure that Neurologist I saw back in ‘18 knew it was occipital as she said but I was scared to go back cause I got hurt with the 1st nerve block. Any ideas from anyone here? Much thank you and Be Safe Folks.