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Rosemary, Volunteer Mentor (@rosemarya)

What do you do when your temperature goes Up, Up,..?

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Hi, All.
Simply stated, "I have a low grade fever." And I have no other symptoms that I am aware of. It is 92 degrees outside, and I am shivering. I have raised the AC to 78 so that I don't freeze and Hubby doesn't wilt.
As luck would have it, my PCP is not in because it is Sunday. My transplant guide says to contact PCP if my temperature rises to 101. I'm at 100.4 and will recheck in 30 minutes. I plan to call the 24/7 Mayo Transplant afterhours line if I reach the big 101. Then, I will follow whatever advice I am given. I have the option of an urgent care until 6 PM, and ER that is less that 1 mile from my front door.

I have had bad fever experiences in the past, and so we have vivid and frightening memories that cause undo stress and worry. What experience do you have that might help to put my mind at ease?

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Interesting you brought this up. I too always waited for the majic number 101.4. but this last may i was running a low grade temp from 99-100 almost every night for a couple of weeks. It would be its normal 97 range every morning. Untill one Sunday the beginning of June it went over 100 and finally hit 102 which prompted a phone call. After telling my Transplant Cardiologist what had happened the weeks prior she said i should have called earlier. I had the chills also but only at night. Daytime i felt fine. Well after 5 weeks in the hospital they finally found the source of the fever. So my advice would be to call.

Call it in! The doctors on the Mayo line are awesome, just tell them you wanted to be safe rather than sorry. They may send you to the ER or Urgent Care but at least then you'll know it is the right thing to do. If you need antibiotics they can tell you what is safe to take. They set up the call system so we can access the help we need, especially if we are afraid. The Mayo team wants your liver and kidney transplants to last for decades, call them, you'll feel better and they will know exactly what to do.

@rosemarya It's worth your peace of mind to make the call. You are diligent about your meds, I'm sure, and watching everything else, so you don't need the uncertainty of anything going on. A call to belay your fears will let you rest. Please let us know what they say, will you?

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