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Dofetilide (Tikosyn): adjusting dosage

Heart Rhythm Conditions | Last Active: May 12, 2022 | Replies (44)

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Also, know your triggers. Caffeine, alcohol, stress are notables.

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I know the list of triggers. I thought that stress was one until I popped into A-fib during my daily meditation! I don’t do caffeine - but hadn’t for years as it made me hyper. I think eating too much at a sitting was a trigger. In the last month, I’ve had more A-fib than experienced in the previous 5 years. I’ve been on all of the meds - lost Thyroid to Sotalol - and Tikosyn is the end of the road for me. I’ve had two ablation, one heat and one cryo that failed within months. My EP suggests Maze procedure. Has anyone had experience with this?