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Dofetilide (Tikosyn): adjusting dosage

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Yes, make sure you get the cheap generic of it "dofetilide". I've used it 4 years. No problem from it. And I went the first 3 years with no afib. I also take a calcium channel blocker, diltiazem, and warfarin in order to avoid strokes. I think it took my body a few months to get used to all this (I am 85) but after that I felt normal. One thing - I went to the hospital for my first 3 attacks (in 4 years.) Then I asked my nurse-practioner cardiologist if I could try staying home to see if afib stopped on its own. She said "No." But later I asked my cardiologist, her supervisior, and he said try it. So I did. It only took the same 7 hours to stop outside of the hospital, no drip of extra medicine, and a much more pleasant experience. So this is something to ask about.

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I checked w drug plan, and Dofetilide was expensive...we calculated $5000. Over 5 yrs. 3 times cost of Sotalol. Does that sound like your cost? soph@soph ? Just curious. That was my copay...so I would have been in donut hole quickly and take 4-5 other drugs.