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C. diff relapse?

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Okay, all my c diff people, lol. Doc says I’m cleared to go out now, etc., since my bowels have pretty much righted themselves. I finish off my Vancomycin prescription midday tomorrow.

I’m going to bleach mop the bathroom and fixtures and continue with the Clorox wipes at least another week. I’ve an appointment to see her in three weeks. But IF I start having sympathy again, to call her immediately.

She will then prescribe a 6-week taper program and/or go with a FMT. Funny, being a gastro doc, she’s freaked out by the thought of FMT. I told her if it works, I’m all for it.

I told her my concern with multiple relapses and how I’m afraid I’ll telapse right before our dream British Isles cruise next August. She said she’d give me a prophylactic Vancomycin prescription to keep me “clear.”

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And I have relapsed. 🙁. Will be starting a taper for 6 weeks tomorrow (CVS had to order it). So, I’ll miss 2 trips in those 6 weeks. Staying home for 6 more weeks isn’t gong to be fun.

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