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Recognizing my own bias or prejudice .....

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I can’t leave at all now. Since getting out of the hospital I’m not allowed to drive. Usually I’m not gone more than a couple hours, just long enough for some errands. A friend wants me to come visit for a week or so. If I hire someone to stay with her it will cost thousands.
I do have someone coming in occasionally
but I stay when she’s here.
My brother comes over when I go to the store but now I have to get groceries online and have others pick up prescriptions etc. Sure hope they don’t yank my license for a year. Not that I’m not use to it but it is inconvenient.

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@jakedduck1 at least you do have your brother and he should shoulder part of your mother’s care. I don’t say “burden” because I’m sure you love your mother and loved ones are never a burden, just an inconvenience.
If they do “yank” your license are you in an area where you can walk or take public transportation to get around? I am not and that was always a concern for me when I had cirrhosis because sometimes if you are subject to HE episodes you do lose your license. I really can not stand being dependent on anyone, not even my husband.

@jakedduck1 HI Leonard . I gave up my license 2 years ago yes its hard not to just go when you want but with the financial part of a car I'm glad I did. I have my groceries delivered . Walmart will delivery free if you order at least 35.00 Also Instacart deliveries for 9.99 I love the delivery service . I cant get out and shop so this is ideal for me . Insurances have Express Script at least mine does that will mail your meds for you so they come to your mailbox. Its ideal for us who just cant get out .

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