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Recognizing my own bias or prejudice .....

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Oh there are so many judgmental just plain nasty people out there who constantly shame others, especially the overweight. I think judging these people is almost a natural reaction but I can’t tolerate shaming…especially when children do it. I also see too many overweight or obese people daily…too many young ones and too many in the health care industry. I feel sad for them especially the children.

My daughter who is a nurse practitioner and works in the ALFs here treats obese patients daily. She has so many patients with families that bring them in pizzas and junk food and then turn around and ask angrily why their parent is so sick and her lab numbers so bad. 70% of medical problems are food related.

I personally have overweight and obese friends who are just plain lazy and have told me they accept the way they are. They are not inclined to eat healthy and have no interest in nutrition and don’t want to hear about anything relating to good health. It’s frustrating and yes, I do judge them because they are smart people otherwise. I think…then don’t complain to me about any ailments you have or that you may be pre diabetic …you aren’t listening to advice even from your doctors. And the doctors! My friends husband is morbidly obese and she told me he his doctor never told him to lose weight. His doctor should be scaring the crap out of him.Meanwhile she is trying to help him on her own and his doctor just adjustshis insulin intake.

Too many people are unaware of how to choose healthy eating habits…they are living day to day just earning a living and raising families. They don’t read labels or read any literature that is food related because they honestly don’t know what’s available to them. It’s easier to shop for the same unhealthy cheaper foods especially when you encounter fast food eateries everywhere you go even at the supermarket and are bombarded with tv ads for junk. They don’t know that it takes just as much time to cook a healthy meal as it does an unhealthy one.

I blame the FDA and Drug Companies and Tobacco companies with their phony biased research funded by food and drug lobbyists. These people are not out to help you, they are out to make money….period the end. There’s research that says Coke can be beneficial to you and not as bad as it’s made out to be. ……research is funded by the CocoCola Company.

This country is doomed if the obesity rate doesn’t drop and everyone has to fend for themselves. Our children’s lifespans will get shorter. We are the only species that overeats and does not regulate their food intake (us and the poor animals we feed). We’re the most evolved species? We have a friend who reversed her early diagnosed MS because my daughter told her what to eat and gave her a cookbook. She listened big time and is as healthy as she was when younger.

I could go on but will spare you…it makes me so angry when I see and hear what I do. I don’t want to push advice on anyone but I’m only too happy to nudge you along the path.

Regards from FL Mary

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“I’m only too happy to nudge you along the path.” NUDGE?
Yeah, your gonna have to watch that!, lol

True enough. I just don’t want to be fat so I do try and make a good faith effort at eating icky veggies and healthy junk instead of my favorite, candy….speaking of

@imallears : you echoed a lot of the feelings I have about people who simply don’t care about their weight. My parents and most of my aunts and uncles were moderately overweight – as in size 14, generally. One uncle skinny as a rail, one aunt slender, and one morbidly obese. She died dismally of congestive heart failure, not a pleasant way to go. So there is some family history that made me very aware of watching your weight. Another family example: have one grandson who was perhaps 15 to 20 lbs. overweight by the time he was 14. It just crept up on him. Any gentle nudge to put the brakes on his eating did not work. Until: during some school-sponsored summer lecture he attended a presentation by a physician detailing the effects of juvenile diabetes. Guess what? From that day on he simply stopped eating any kind of sweets, cold turkey. He’s now a very healthy looking 16 yr. old.

Regarding food choices: a lot has to do with the triggers – salt, sugar, fat. I read a book some time ago explaining how the fast food and packaged goods industry sneaks in extra hidden amounts of these ingredients to hook people. Not easy to escape the lure! Other than commercially baked bread (the artisanal kind, from Lidl, mostly), cheeses, and – yep, we partake – cold cuts, I hardly buy any prepared food or meals. I make my own marinara sauce, own enchilada sauce, own taco seasoning, etc…May cave to “light” canned soups once in a while, or vegetable spring rolls, but mostly I cook from scratch, with fresh ingredients. I’l lucky to have the time and interest to do so. Regarding cost: smart shopping and planning ahead can make home cooking ridiculously cheap. For example, recently an up-scale grocery chain has offered roasted chickens for $ 5.00 on Thursdays. Enough for one meal (with a nice big salad, and some garlic bread), then I remove and dice all the remaining meat and make a white chicken chili (onion, garlic, canned diced chilies, spices, rinsed cannelini beans, low salt chicken broth, a hint of sharp cheddar at the end). So 2 meals, for 2 people, for under $10.00 = $2.50 per person, per meal.
Just saying…..

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