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Recognizing my own bias or prejudice .....

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Can’t get the 5 miles per day out of my mind. Sorry to be obsessed by that. Otherwise, mostly based on some of your posts in several different groups – life would be so much easier, generally, if you would share my “hate-sweets” tooth. I don’t mind a small dark chocolate bar a few evenings a week, but the thought of having to eat ice cream or cake or doughnuts is revolting to me. All I (and husband) do at grandson’s birthday parties is to get the tiniest little sliver of commercial cake, and eat half, and try to dump the rest. Get me some spicy salsa, and chips, and I’ll compromise….. mostly salsa, preferably with spoon.

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Really? At your height you aim for 160 lbs? Sounds very acceptable to me, but then, I’m quite a bit older than you. With assorted joint surgeries, but very proudly sporting (at age 70) still what used to be considered body measurements. Mine currently 37-29-37. Do/did work for those, pretty much going back decades, and active exercises. Well, it works, it seems. So now you can question my measurements (=very unusual), the way I questioned your 5 mile swim. Also, very unusual. I’l love to live near you and cook the heck out of your basic ingredients.