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Recognizing my own bias or prejudice .....

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I think there was a reference to swimming 5 miles a day? I worked myself up to swimming 1/2 mile at an indoor pool, very short track, limited to backstroke bc of knee, in roughly 50 minutes. Slowpoke, but good aerobics Where did you accomplish yours?

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Can’t get the 5 miles per day out of my mind. Sorry to be obsessed by that. Otherwise, mostly based on some of your posts in several different groups - life would be so much easier, generally, if you would share my “hate-sweets” tooth. I don’t mind a small dark chocolate bar a few evenings a week, but the thought of having to eat ice cream or cake or doughnuts is revolting to me. All I (and husband) do at grandson’s birthday parties is to get the tiniest little sliver of commercial cake, and eat half, and try to dump the rest. Get me some spicy salsa, and chips, and I’ll compromise..... mostly salsa, preferably with spoon.

Sounds like you don’t believe me but heres an award for swimming. Good thing I was swimming so much. It saved me when I got caught in a rip tide in Carmel, Ca. (Monterey Bay, home to Great White Sharks. ) Very scary in the Pacific ocean when all you can see is water. It took me hours to get to shore.

I swam at the YMCA
5:30am-6:30am, m-f
11:30am-1:00pm, m-f
5:30-6:30pm, m-f
Since I was a volunteer there I had a key so would also go after hours occasionally.

The photo says YUBA CITY 210 Miles I got pledges to swim that far and paid for a lap clock and lane ropes for the YMCA.

Very admirable about your measurements. You have better willpower than I do.
My goal is 145lbs and a 31” waist which I already achieved hopefully I’ll get down to a 30” or 32” waistline.