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Recognizing my own bias or prejudice .....

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Just wondering if anyone else has any thoughts about body image and/or eating disorders. Have you known of anyone who has had an eating disorder? As younger women are most affected by the race-to-thinness, what can be done?

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@hopeful33250 I was bulimic when I was in my 20s. I had been heavy and lost a lot of weight but occasionally I couldn’t stop myself and binged on something so I would do what people do when they are bulimic. It was not a daily thing, just maybe weekly or so.

Eating too much is an addiction. When I was 90 pounds heavier I was always telling myself that I would start dieting tomorrow but tomorrow never came. I bought very few clothes and bought nothing expensive because I was going to lose weight! Now when I see young women who are very overweight I want to shake them and tell them how much they are compromising their health.

@ellerbracke Your measurements are great but I could never have achieved them, I’m an “Apple”, thick in the middle and always have been even when I was a size 5 in my 20s.

My loss of weight after my TKR and now has nothing to do with appetite, I’m as hungry as ever!

@gingerw Ginger, you are very compassionate and understanding... and right. Eating too much is, as I said, an addiction due to various things going on in a person’s life. Plus, I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY. I have learned control most of the time though, but put a big, yummy piece of cake in front of me and I will probably eat the whole thing, as I did at my son’s rehearsal dinner and wedding (but I still lost weight!). I do better having none, I can’t just have a small piece.

@jakedduck1 I am quite impressed by your swimming. I thought my daughter was good. She was at our place on a lake in Maine for an extended amount of time a few years ago and swam about two miles every morning before breakfast. Now she swims at her Health club quite a few times a week. I think she was born swimming. When I was pregnant with her there was so much activity they did an ultrasound to see if I was carrying twins - back then ultrasounds were not done routinely. I figure she was just swimming laps in there! 😁