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Recognizing my own bias or prejudice .....

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@hopeful33250 What a great and reassuring sign. I think doctors have to walk a fine line between not saying something and trying to let their patients know the health risks they are causing by being overweight. I’ve thought about that a lot, having been very overweight. I am sure my health problems were a result of my being overweight, although most people who are heavy don’t develop cirrhosis, and some who are not heavy do - I guess it’s all in how our body processes the food. No doctor ever said anything about losing weight until I BROUGHT IT UP with my current PCP. He told me I should try to cut down on portions when I asked, a very gentle suggestion. Now he is constantly amazed at how much I lost and maintained that loss! I guess they’re afraid that if they come on too strong the patient may not want to see a doctor anymore or change to a different doctor.
In my last job my boss and I coincidentally both ended up going to the same doctor, one who was new in town. He said if she made him get weighed he was walking out! You actually do not have to get weighed unless they are prescribing something where the dosage can vary depending on weight.
On a related note, since fracturing my femur I have lost weight without trying! I thought for sure that I would gain since I am not going to my health club for exercise. I can only presume that our bodies burn calories trying to heal. The same thing happened after my last TKR, so much so that I was getting worried. I lost 10 pounds that time.

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Interesting thoughts, JK. Thanks for sharing!

Yes, your absolutely right, you/we shouldn’t judge. It’s hard not to sometimes. I don’t understand family members giving morbidly obese people who can’t get out of bed whatever and how ever much food they want when they already weigh 4, 5, 600 pounds
I became overweight when my dad was in the hospital for 7 months. Maybe it was a coping mechanism. Sounds better than I was a pig. I went up to 225 pounds but I quickly lost that weight when I started swimming 5 miles a day. That lasted until my shoulder surgeries made it to difficult. I kept eating my candy bars and root beer float at bedtime so it was just poor eating habits, wrong food and to much of it and lack of enough exercise.
I went to the doctor and she said “Don’t lose any more weight (I weighed 142) so being obedient as I am I obeyed, well sort of. I ended up gaining 85 pounds. I was happily sitting at home munching on a candy bar, my food of choice, when the phone rang, it was my doctor and she never hesitates to say what’s on her mind. She said “Your fat and your going to do something about it.” She sent me to a Nutritionist and the gym and she called the gym weekly to verify I was showing up every day. I’ve lost 67 pounds so far with at least 22 more to go. I’d lost 70 pounds but a lady here forced me to order a bunch of Purdue’s candy from Canada and I gained a few back. Bad Connect member, shame on you!!!