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Stress/Anxiety/Insomnia/Memory Issues

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Mandrake, My Heart and thoughts go out to you! Having been having your issues all my Life! I have been on meds for the last 30. They work fine although I still get periods of both anxiety and depression. I am quicker to ID it and how to deal with it. Age is a Great teacher! So sad that we are constantly talk about these and throw $$ at them but nothing changes, except private companies make $$$$.
Our medical profession understands very little about the mind and mental illness!
As for advice, I would work hard at understanding when one of these hit. Learn to ID them. Disapear or just jump off the Merygoround for a bit. Ususally and hour helps me. Take a nap! Go sit in a park. I found with the Insomnia to go to your dr. amd get sleep medicine. I took Ambien for years, just recentl changed to Lunesta! There is such a stigma attached to these. But two things to know about Mankind is 1. You can't survive without sleep. 2. You can't survive without water. If you get a good night sleep it will help deal with the others.
Good Luck.
You have found Mayo Connect, It can be your Life Perserver! I know it has been mine for the last year!
You can toalk and ask questions and no one will think ill will of you.

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Thanks Sundance. I'm taking Melatonin right now to see if that will help with sleep. My doctor wants me to try that before anything else. I'm still waking up at 4:30 but at least I am not waking up several times during the night most nights. Last night was a bit rough but I think that was because of the issues with my wife. I'm on Ativan for the anxiety issues. Pretty low dose but it seems to be working a lot of the time. Otherwise, I am off of all the antidepressants and mood stabilizers I was on for years. I do feel less like a zombie now though the lack of sleep and memory issues are really bothering me.
Been trying to rebuild some friendships that I let slip away over the past few years when the depression got really bad. I have almost forgotten how to make friends I think. It's a strange feeling now that I recognize the lack of friends to spend time with and do things with. I have a few work friends that I go out to lunch with once or twice a month. That has helped some. I no longer have a best friend that is local. I have some college friends that I have reached out to but they are scattered across the country (and one is in Denmark). Been trying to get out more but I have been spending most of my time taking my daughter to soccer, karate, doctor appointments, etc. My wife complains that she is a single mother now but I really don't see it with all I have been doing for her and for my daughter. I wouldn't trade the little bit of time I get to spend with my daughter for anything though. I miss having more time with her. My other daughter is in the Peace Corp so I don't get to see her at all. I get to talk with her once a month or so. We text most days. I guess the problem is I feel very alone and am trying to fix that but not having a lot of luck right now.