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Constipation and Parkinson’s.

Parkinson's Disease | Last Active: May 22, 2023 | Replies (54)

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Hi @susan62

You are certainly not going crazy. Constipation is certainly part of Parkinson's. It is one of the problems associated with PD. You are certainly doing all of the right things (water, high fiber, exercise) you might add to this stool softeners such as Colace as well as Miralax. Many PD patients have been told that they can use Miralax on a daily basis if needed. You should check with your PCP or neurologist to see what their recommendation would be for you.

Exercises such as bending over at the waist after meals can be helpful as well. Here are some Youtube videos with specific exercises for constipation,


Here are links to additional information from various websites:


You might also check out the discussion groups in our Digestive Health group,

Everyone with PD eventually finds their own routine that will help with constipation.

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Thanks so much Teresa! You always have such good information and advice! As you have read(I would imagine) my replies to the others who have written me, I have done the Miralax thing with very little success. My stools aren’t hard and dry, but soft even without the Miralax. Just doesn’t work. Will definitely watch the videos today that you have sent. You are a GREAT mentor!!!