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Prolia and Cirrhosis

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@johnbishop Thanks, John. I will keep that to review if it works out that I need to do something, which I fear I will. I have a PCP appointment in October and I suspect he is going to want to put me on BP meds, cholesterol meds, and bone density meds! I really hate having to add drugs to the arsenal I have now.

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@contentandwell, @johnbishop, Just an FYI for you two. Today's Mayo newsletter feature is entitled 'Mayo Clinic Osteoporosis Insight' <mayoclinicosteoporosis@everydayhealth.com>. It is probably the best discussion I have read so far on this subject. I have just been 'round robin's barn on this subject. I am highly allergic to the ingredients in the Boniva like products. And….I have very unsightly low scores on the DEXA scan report. And……..my mother died after her broken hip at 83. She spent the rest of her life in a wheelchair and never smiled again. So…mine boils down to the quality of life and appropriate self-care. Hope you find the right answer for yourself. You are always helping others…now it is time for self-care and self-compassion. Chris

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