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Prolia and Cirrhosis

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Hi @cmurray6 and welcome to Connect. There are a few discussions on prolia and other bone saving pharmaceuticals here on Connect. Here is one but if you put prolia in the little magnifying glass you can find others that mention prolia.
We are simply patients helping others by sharing our own experiences and as such not qualified to answer your question. Are you being treated by a hepatologist for your cirrhosis? If so that would be who I would ask about this.

I also had cirrhosis and I did have a transplant. If yours does ever progress far enough to need one, don't be afraid. I was very apprehensive for a long time and even thought I would turn down a transplant but I am so happy that I stayed on the waiting list. By the time I got my call things had progressed to the point where I was extremely thankful for it. Recovery was smooth and all is great now.

Sorry that I cannot be more helpful for you.

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Thank you so much for the information. I'm so happy it worked out well for you. I will search for prolia and check with my Heptologist when I go back to Mayo in October. 😃

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