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Many things can trigger heart palps, but the only way you will know for certain what is causing them is to see a cardiologist. He/she will first determine if what you're feeling is actually a palpitation. These can also be known as PVC's or PAC's and it will take the doctor to explain the difference and what they may mean. Everybody experiences palps/PVC's or PAC's from time to time. Many people are not even aware of them. I was aware of a "flip-floppy" feeling in my chest every once in awhile starting as a teenager. In my 50's they became far more frequent and the flip-flop feeling changed to a continuous rapid and irregular heart rate. I was diagnosed with AFIB and my story goes on from there, but that is for another time. You don't say how old you are and that can make a big difference. If these palps are really upsetting you, or causing you to feel stress, then see your doctor. Just know that the VAST majority of these heart "things" are totally benign and aside from being annoying, present no danger to your heart nor do they indicate underlying heart disease. But…..the ONLY one who can tell you what is going on for sure is a cardiologist. (Stress can trigger these, so keep that in mind) I'm sure you'll be fine! Welcome to the "Wonky Heart Club!"

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Mild Mitral valve

I had non-serious palpitations for many years (wore 24 to 48 hrs holter monitors). Then, about three years ago, in my early 60's the palpitations were much more frequent and much more troublesome. A 72 hr holter monitor picked up both atrial tachycardia (annoying but not life threatening) and the concerning and must be treated non-sustained ventricular tachycardia. That is now under control with 12.5mg of metoprolol twice a day.
Never good to assume palpitations are nothing to worry about.