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Barrett’s esophagus-friendly diet

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@graceandpeace Thank you. I know I have not been a good patient in this but I have so many restrictions for various reasons that I have been resistant to adding more. I do try to keep my coffee acid low. I bought the healthy coffee on Amazon that someone suggested. When I don't have that I drink dark roast since that is lower in acid.
I don't eat many tomatoes or citrus but I do eat a lot of salads and they, of course, have vinegar in them.

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I can definitely sympathize with you there….. adding just one more restrictive plan, or medicine, or Dr visit/procedure can really weigh any person down. Which coffee is it that you get off of Amazon? I recently ordered some from a company called Lifeboost that I had heard about, but it's still sitting in my coffee pantry, unopened, bc I'm a big chicken and afraid to try it. You have to understand, I've been off of it (and everything else acidic) for almost 2 years now, so, even if it is low acid, my body – in particular- my bladder, may go into shock. But, I know I need to at least try it, a little at a time.

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